We are a boutique business operating on new world principles and values. We are also the founders of "Frequency Marketing" - a new way of approaching the marketing of all businesses who want to successfully operate in the new world.

As fully qualified marketers with many years of experience in the Spiritual Industry, we can help you to develop promotional tools that are synergistically aligned to your branding, your current needs and your future direction.

We have spent many years working with individuals to manifest their visions into reality.

We have taken on projects big and small, complex and simple, colour, black and white, requiring many complex graphics created from scratch or no graphics at all.  No job is too small or too difficult!

Inspired Insight has a remarkable track record when it comes to delivering quality designs, on time and on budget.

Working with us, you will feel confident that, as spiritual people, we will understand you and your market. We offer you great guidance and support, creating a high-quality product that reflects your wisdom and energy out into the world.


Our purpose

  • To lift the standards of spiritual industry communications and presentation to a level that reflects its importance and significance to the world.
  • To support and assist spiritual individuals to manifest their destiny and purpose and to be of service to humanity and our world.

Statement of intent and values

  • We are of service to spirit, the spiritual industry and humanity.
  • We will always have the needs and best interests of our clients at heart.
  • We will always deliver the highest quality work.
  • We will always maintain a positive outlook and take joy from what we do every day.
  • We will always operate in integrity.
  • We will offer value for money, with rates that reflect our skills and experience, allowing us to continue to be of service, grow and prosper.
  • We will maintain a healthy work-life balance to maintain our levels of creativity and passion.
  • We embrace the value of evolved, user-friendly systems and processes to ensure healthy and productive working relationships.

About Rebecca

(BBus Communications, Assoc Dip I.T Applied Bus Computing)

Rebecca TaubertAs a communicator and graphic designer, my background involves giving communication advice as well as creating "inspired" designs for many companies.

Having worked for a variety of small to large corporate companies, my journey has led me to work extensively with today's emerging masters within the spiritual industry - helping them realise their visions and aspirations.

Creating unique designs and solutions that reflect each individual is my passion - allowing each client to express themselves truly and without creative boundaries.

With each unique project we undertake, whether creating logos, brochures, flyers, books, products, posters, business cards or websites - I am fulfilling my destiny and purpose.

There is a beautiful exchange of energy that happens when we work with each of our clients - it is a special and rewarding process every time.

Working globally

GlobeInspired Insight islocated in Queensland, Australia but specialise in providing services to people around the globe.

Thanks to our experience and our flexibility, we are able to offer our services globally. We have worked with clients in the UK, America and also nationally across Australia.

Our work processes and practices allow us to have some initial phone conversations to kick off the project and get a deep understanding of your needs. From there, we use a combination of email and phone conversations to complete the project. This process has continued to be extremely successful.

So why not take advantage of a favourable exchange rate and work with us? No matter where you are located you will feel well supported, understood and benefit greatly from our services.