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Choosing the right website hosting is a critical decision and one that is often overlooked. With Google rewarding websites for fast and secure hosting, there are more reasons than ever to choose WP Engine.

The hosting of your website is an important decision.

Like any content management system, WordPress has specific requirements in order for your site to run fast and efficiently. It also has specific security requirements to ensure you site is secure against hackers and backed up regularly.

Inspired Insight recommends WP Engine - a world-class dedicated WordPress hosting provider that offers stunning speed, powerful security, and best-in-class customer service.

Of course if you already have hosting we can certainly work with that - but have a look through the list of features our WP Engine plans offer below, and you will see just what great value they are.


Plan features

  • Approx. 10,000 visitors per month

    Includes 2GB of storage with unlimited monthly data transfer

  • Specialised in WordPress only hosting

    Optimized for the unique requirements of WordPress

  • Secure

    Wp Engine's servers are optimized for maximum protection including free automatic scans and fixes for hacking attempts on your site. Includes a powerful firewall to protect against tens of thousands of known attacks

  • Managed updates

    All security or minor WordPress updates are automatically applied to your site

  • Speed

    Multi-server clusters, fast hardware with in-RAM caching, and a content delivery network ensures your site loads as fast as possible

  • Daily backups

    Ease of mind knowing your site is backed up every day without fail, and restoring it is as easy as clicking a button

  • One-Click Restore Points

    With a single click you can take a snapshot of your entire site. Now you have a safety net before doing something risky like upgrading plugins.

  • EverCache™

    Speeds up the delivery of common website pages (served on average 4-6 times faster than non WP Engine servers)

  • Included Content Delivery Network (CDN)

    A network of hundreds of caching servers, positioned around the world which instantly serves a locally stored copy of your website to visitors in that region. Content loads faster because it’s closer to the end-user. CDN's can cost over $20 per month in addition to your hosting for each domain but it is included for no additional charge as part of our hosting with WP Engine.

  • Staging site

    Clone your website to test any changes or ideas without affecting your live website.

  • Included SSL

    A free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt to secure your site - saving you hundreds of dollars a year. 

  • More information

    Don’t take our word for it, find out more at

Already have a provider or want to use a different provider?

Inspired Insight are happy to work with your existing hosting provider, or a hosting provider such as Net Registry or Crucial Paradigm, but in our experience, the multiple inclusions in WP Engine’s hosting plans more than pay for the additional hosting cost compared to cheaper providers.

Please note that we can not guarantee website performance on cheaper hosting plans. These plans are often on resource-starved or overcrowded servers.