Your logo/brand is the foundation of your business and your most vital business asset. Inspired Insight take the time to understand your vision to create the perfect logo/brand that truly embodies your purpose.

Branding (for the uninitiated – “your look and feel” or “the way you present yourself and your services”) is an extremely important aspect of your communications to your current and potential client base.

In fact your branding is the foundation on which you will build your business and its communications.

There are many good reasons for having a strong effective brand and brand management. Certainly brand is considered to be the most important part of business development and growth - this is especially true in the spiritual industry. Without an effective brand your promotional and sales efforts will cost more and will be less effective.

At Inspired Insight we have spent over two decades passionately specialising in brand development and management.  We understand what is required to create an effective spiritual brand and we speak your language.


Speaking your language

Have you ever tried to work with a conventional graphic design company and cringe at the thought of spekaing in terms of "frequency" and "energy", knowing they will not understand or be able to deliver what you are after? (and let's face it, a few of them will even silently be thinking that you may be a little crazy!)  Well, breath a sigh of relief, because not only are we experienced designers and marketers, but we are also spirituals beings ourselves!

Creating your spiritual brand is about truly understanding YOU, your energy, your lineage, your passions, your gifts and talents, your likes and dislikes, your patterning, your products and services and your spiritual purpose.  It is about capturing the essence of you, the greatest vision of yourself and then reflecting this through your branding.

Whether you have a clear understanding of what you want your brand to look like and what you want it to achieve, or you are completely new to thinking about marketing yourself in the spiritual industry – we can assist you.  We will listen, help and guide you as much as you require to achieve the best result for you.